counter strike global offensive

of Estonia

29.03.2021 - 1.06.2021

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Resident of Estonia

16 years +

Public profile on Steam

Each team member has to register yourself

Tournament structure

Qualifying round

Teams are divided into 4 groups by region.
In each regional group, subgroups of 6 teams are formed.
The teams play 5 matches in the round-robin system BO1.

Two teams, the winners from each subgroup, go to the next stage and play in the Single Elimination B03 system.

Two winners of the each of the regional group move to the final of the championship.

Final round

The 8 best teams in their region play in the final.
The finalists of the championship play in the Double Elimination BO3 system.

regional distribution

Participants of the Estonian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Championship will be divided into four equal parts: North, South, West, East to make the Championship final more exciting.
Thus, in the finals, two slots are reserved for each of the regions.

The region of the team will be determined by the region of most of the members who make up the team.


The money fund is formed from at least 15% of the tournament funding. 
EASL pays all costs related to the prize pool (taxes and transfer fees) from the prize pool.

Prize fund distribution:

1 Place – 30%
2 Place – 20%
3 Place – 15%
4 Place – 10%

5 Place – 10%
6 Place – 5%
7 Place – 5%
8 Place – 5%


Most frequent questions and answers

NB! The organizer reserves the right to change the rules if necessary for the championship’s successful organization. Gossiping and violating other rules will result in automatic removal from this.

The games take place according to the game calendar approved by the EASL board, which is available on the EASL website.
The weekly game days of the qualifying round are generally Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 7pm, and the weekend game days are Saturday and Sunday from 2pm.

A written request should be submitted to EASL at least 7 days before the scheduled match. The Organizer decides to postpone the championship match, based on the reasons for the postponement provided. All matches are postponed to weekends from 10:00 until the end of the last postponed match.

Each official EASL tournament is held with a national rating calculation. is EASL-approved platform using as a rating calculation tool.
Tournament nominations: Best Championship Team, Best Player, Best Junior Championship Team. 3 winners will be awarded in each nomination and receive a champion medal, cup and cash prize. The primary winner of the Estonian Championship will receive a challenge cup with an engraved team name. 

The request must contain detailed information about why and on what basis it was submitted.
The application should be submitted within 72 hours after the end of the match.

The cost of filing and handling a complaint is €100 per team. The applied team should make payment.
If the result is positive, all money will be returned.
In case of violation by shouting (obscene language in the chat or cyberbullying), filing complaints is free.